Call for papers: 2013 AAG Annual Meeting – Los Angeles

Session Title: Natural Resource Management and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Settings

Experience in managing land, water, minerals and other resources after conflict highlights the importance of natural resources to peacebuilding. Differing from a prevailing focus on how natural resources play a role in the escalation or maintenance of conflict, this session is interested in papers that identify and analyze the ways in which natural resource management can facilitate transitions to peace. The session is interested in papers that address the role that effective natural resource management can play in conflict prevention, mitigation, resolution and recovery. In particular, we welcome those papers that explore the theoretical and practical impacts that effective natural resource management can play in:

– resettling and reintegrating refugees and internally displaced people;

– increasing the food and land tenure security of rural subsistence-based           populations;

– assisting in the disarmament, demobilization, re-insertion and reintegration     of former combatants;

– short and medium-term macro-economic reform

By examining both the theoretical and practical roles of natural resources in peacebuilding initiatives within and between post-conflict contexts, this session will identify lessons learned and develop strategies for strengthening post-conflict natural resource management and peacebuilding.

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